How to plan an outdoor event

Are you thinking of organizing an outdoor event? Whatever the time of year, the outdoors has a lot to offer. This type of event is the one that most excites people – and even more so after the Covid pandemic – since these events are always something different. Today we want to help you organize your own outdoor event and explain the factors you must take into account to make it a success.

What to consider when organizing an outdoor event


Finding an appropriate space is undoubtedly one of the keys. We advise you to look for a versatile place, that offers different spaces and corners where the attendees can rest, give a dose of rhythm to the event and break with the monotony of closed places. To do this, keep in mind: how many people are you planning to invite? What kind of activities will take place during the event? Are you going to require an additional place for projections, shows…?


Accessibility is also key. It is important that the place is well connected by private and public transport, and it must also have an ample parking close to the facilities, especially taking in mind any guests with disabilities.

People with vision or hearing impairments may also require the support of an interpreter. Always keep them in mind.


Food is always essential at any event. Make sure that your guests have enough options and that the menu is adapted to both the environment and the time of year. Outdoor events also lend themselves to roasts, barbecues, picnics and other more original and fun formats that will turn your event into a memorable day for the attendees.

And don’t forget vegans, vegetarians, celiacs… always have a plan B for them prepared in advance.


Don’t let a sudden downpour or sweltering heat derail so many preparations. Make sure you always have solutions or spaces to protect your guests from adverse weather.

Benefits of organizing an outdoor event

Whether you are organizing a wedding, a company presentation or a conference, outdoor events have many benefits:


When you plan an outdoor event you have much more creative freedom: you can customize the space more than you would indoors, rely on sunlight or the darkness of a starry sky. You are no longer limited by four walls, so let your imagination run wild.

Mental Wellness

Being outdoors – and even more so if it is in a natural environment – ​​generates mental well-being. In addition, the vitamins that the sun provides will also contribute to improving the mood and, with it, the enjoyment of your guests. This is especially interesting for corporate and company events, in which your employees will appreciate breaking the monotony and changing the scene to return to work with renewed energy.

Unique and memorable

Why do something that has been done before when you can do something unique? Imagine the bride and groom setting sail for their wedding night in a hot air balloon, having a coaching session in a yurt or the emotion of a flamenco show under the full moon.

The possibilities offered by an outdoor event are as many as your imagination can reach. At LA Organic we have a multitude of spaces -both indoor and outdoor- as well as terraces, gardens, paths and intimate corners that we put at your disposal; a unique and surprising natural enclave in the heart of the Serranía de Ronda. We love hearing your ideas and helping you make them a reality. And this is why LA Organic was designed the way it was: thinking that it is as versatile as your creativity.

If you are thinking of organizing an event in the middle of nature, contact us by calling (+34) 650 887 247.