Organic Olive Oil

The heart of our produce

A heart made of olive oil

Olive oil is one of the flagships of Spanish cuisine. Our country has the largest cultivation area focused on this product, making it one of the great attractions for the international gastronomic market.

LA Organic carries the liquid gold by flag, being the pioneer brand in the production of organic olive oil in Spain. A commitment that is reinforced by the olive oil tourism experiences that have been set up on our estates in Ronda and Mallorca.

Olive oil tourism is a concept that unites culture, nature and gastronomy. We offer an experience in which to learn about, discover and value olive oil: from production to tasting the product, including activities that take advantage of the characteristics of the natural environment in which they are located. This is an alternative to traditional tourism, related to rural, ecological or gastronomic tourism.

LA Organic in Ronda, Andalousia & Finca Son Miranda in Majorca

Our estates

LA Organic  is present in Andalousia and in Majorca, through two farms dedicated to the production of organic olive oil.

They offer the opportunity to learn about the olive oil world:

  • A tour of the olive groves in their 3 plantation frameworks: Traditional, Intensive and Superintensive.
  • The olive harvest (from November to December).
  • Properties of extra virgin olive oil
  • The production process of organic olive oil inside our mills.
  • Attend an olive oil tasting and learn how to value them gastronomically.
  • The quality of the oil: which oils are refined, which are virgin and which oils are considered extra virgin.

Our History

More than two hundred years ago, a religious community in Ronda, one of the most emblematic and beautiful cities of Andalusia and Spain, began to produce olive oil using the fruit of centuries-old olive trees.

The oil produced in this olive grove, LA Amarilla, always had a great reputation among the locals as a product of unique and exceptional quality.

The Gómez de Baeza family, owners of LA Amarilla, decided to continue the tradition of the nuns and began the production and marketing of the best organic oil in Andalusia, founding LA ORGANIC in the 1990s.

As sales increased and the production of LA Amarilla was insufficient, LA ORGANIC took as a base the system of Pagos Asociados applied in the world of wines. This system guarantees a production in line with demand and LA Organic’s quality standards.

The new project LA Almazara LA Organic

LA ALMAZARA LA ORGANIC is in its first stages and will open its door in the first quarter of 2023.  Its purpose is to build an olive oil mill at 2,5 km far from Ronda, Andalusia, solely dedicated to the 100% organic production of olive oil, its culture and gastronomy.

The Villar Mir family has joined the project, and the architecture will be directed by PHILIPPE STARCK, one of the most influential creators, architects and designers of the world. The idea is to create a state-of-the-art structure with recycled materials focused on the production of organic olive oil, which will also be used for cultural, educational and research purposes.

Philippe Starck

Philippe Starck is the Creative Director and co-founder of LA Organic. His vision has allowed us to create packaging and products that our customers can easily identify, differentiating them on the shelf and reflecting the elegance of our product, with minimalist and practical designs.