Legal Conditions

& Personal details protection

Through this warning, LA AMARILLA DE RONDA S.L. with quarters at C/ Velazquez, 53 28001 Madrid Madrid (España) and CIF B83972869 informs the user (‘user’) of the personal details solicited, the purpose being that the users are free and voluntarily submit their personal details to LA AMARILLA DE RONDA S.L. once they are required and that can be obtained from the users on occasion of subscription or un-subscription as members of the portal exploited by LA AMARILLA DE RONDA S.L. at the URL: http://www.laorganic.net or the services that can be contacted through said portal.

The personal details collected will be object of an automated treatment and will be incorporated to the correspondent automated files by LA AMARILLA DE RONDA S.L. this being the title owner and responsible for said file (from now on, the ‘file’). With this being the object, LA AMARILLA DE RONDA S.L. will provide users with the technical resources adequate so that previously this warning may be accessed about the Politics of Protection of Details or any other relevant information and will be able to present their consentment with the aim being that LA AMARILLA DE RONDA S.L. can proceed with the automated treatment of their Personal Details. 

In the case of services contracted by the user that are different from the subscription or un-subscription as a client, LA AMARILLA DE RONDA S.L. will have to provide the intervening bodies of the services solicited by the user with the necessary details so that they may be able to proceed with the services contracted by the user. Except in the fields that indicate the contrary, the answers to the questions about Personal Details are voluntary, without the failure of answering implying a degradation in the quality or quantity of correspondent services unless otherwise indicated.

Those details of a personal character, will be treated with the adequate degree of protection, taking legally necessary security measures to avoid their loss, deterioration and provision or access to non-authorized third parties. Albeit, the user must be aware that the security measures granted by the internet are not unassailable.

LA AMARILLA DE RONDA S.L. will use cookies when the user surfs the website of LA AMARILLA DE RONDA S.L. The cookies will be associated solely with the anonymous user and their computer and does not provide references that allow the name and surname of the user to be deduced. The cookies of LA AMARILLA DE RONDA S.L. cannot read details from a hard drive nor reed the cookie archives created by other providers. LA AMARILLA DE RONDA S.L. codifies the details that identify the user for maximum security. Thanks to the cookies, it is possible for LA AMARILLA DE RONDA S.L. to recognize the registered users after they have registered for the first time, without having to register each time to access the areas of service reserved exclusively for them. The user has the possibility of setting up their navigator to be warned on the screen of the reception of cookies and to prevent the installation of cookies on the hard drive. Please consult the instructions and manuals for your navigator to expand this information. To use the website of LA AMARILLA DE RONDA S.L. it isn’t necessary for the user to permit the installation of the cookies sent by LA AMARILLA DE RONDA S.L. without neglecting that in said case it will be necessary for the user to register each time they access a service that requires prior registration.

Finally, in accordance with that established in the LOPD, the User will be able to exercise their rights of access and rectify their personal details in the files of LA AMARILLA DE RONDA S.L. through the dispatch of communication with the social address of the company, LA AMARILLA DE RONDA S.L., C/ Velazquez, 53 28001 Madrid Madrid (España) with CIF B83972869.

LA AMARILLA DE RONDA S.L. Registro Mercantil de Madrid, al tomo 20.017, folio 53, sección 8, hoja M-353019.