It is recommended to wear appropriate walking shoes and use a cap or hat.
Subject to the formation of a minimum group size to proceed.

Embark on a unique journey that blends art, sustainability, and the richness of the land in a captivating experience. It begins in our innovative 3000m2 parking, where an exhibition of 10 photographs by national and international artists welcomes you. Additionally, you’ll find 2 fast-charging stations (22KWh) for electric cars, marking the start of an extraordinary tour.

The journey unfolds with a visit to the Greenhouse, a 500m2 greenhouse that houses the essence of the project: a screening room, tasting room, store, restaurant, and artisanal oil mill. Immerse yourself in the history of olive oil through an evocative video.

The day continues with the beauty of the Ecological Orchard, designed by the renowned Floren Domezain, known as the “King of Vegetables.” Proceed to an exclusive 100% Pinot Noir Ecological Vineyard, revealing centuries of winemaking tradition in Ronda.

Navigate through the Fruit Garden, where trees laden with oranges, quinces, peaches, and more awaken your senses. Visit the Doña Lola Hermitage, a 19th-century gem donated to the Salesians, adding a historical touch to the itinerary.

Explore the Variety Walk, where up to 20 types of olive trees from different parts of the world create a unique visual spectacle. The Carlota Square awaits you at the end, with centuries-old olive trees and scents of rosemary and lavender.

Conclude the experience with a thrilling LA Organic Olive Oil Tasting, exploring the subtleties of this culinary treasure. Close the tour by uncovering the secrets of our mill at the Mill, where our organic extra virgin olive oil is produced. An itinerary that goes beyond the visit, becoming a unique narrative that connects art, nature, and the excellence of LA Organic.