LA Oro Intenso ha sido elegido de los «mejores 20 aceites de oliva en el mundo» por Flos Olei

We are pleased to inform you that LA ORO Intense has been chosen as one of the “Best 20 Olive Oils in the World” at the annual Flos Olei 2016 competition. FLOS OLEI is the most important international competition, which involves an assessment of olive oils from countries on the northern and southern hemisphere (

Our olive oil competed with more than 1,000 different brands and was selected for the Guide “FLOS OLEI 2016”; the first annual guide, which showcases the world’s best olive oils on a global level, provides information about the sector and directs readers towards quality produce.

Our mono-variety extract from the Picudo olives cultivated in our olive fields in Andalusia, was subject to a rigorous selection process by a panel of expert tasters. The entire process was coordinated by Marco Oreggia, a journalist and food and wine critic, and, Laura Marinelli, a journalist and expert taster.

The contest’s employed methodology subjects the olive through a rigorous evaluation process, which consisted of numerous tasting by a panel of expert tasters and the development of a sensory profile of the samples. With immense pride and pleasure, we are thrilled to inform you that ultimately, LA ORO Intense was selected to receive the ”Best Extra Virgin Olive Oil Monovarietal – Intense Fruity” award for 2016.

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