LA Organic premiado en China

The Spanish Olive oils LA ORO SUAVE and LA ORO INTENSO have been awarded with two silver medals in the 6th edition of the International Organic Olive Oils Competition «Oil China», the most important contest in Asia.

In this year’s edition, 12 countries and 85 extra virgin olive oil brands were presented, in which 24 of them were Spanish. This contributes to the extreme good quality of Sapnish olive oils.

The olive oil tasting was composed by 10 experts tasters from Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Australia and China, which confirm with its award the excellence of the organic extra virgin olive oils from LA Organic. These olive oils are produced handmade in Andalucía, where LA Organic has 56 «pagos asociados» from organic cultures located in the regions of Málaga, Córdoba, Granada, Sevilla y Almería. In the city of Ronda is located the olive grove LA Amarilla, where the proyect began.

«Oil China» is the best display for the olive oil in China, since it is the most prestigious professional international exhibition of olive oil that is fully supported by the Ministry of Agriculture and Agricultural Trade Promotion Center in China.