One of the star products of Spanish cuisine is olive oil, in which interest has grown in recent years to become one of the most experiential attractions of Spain. Oleotourism represents a lifestyle that combines culture, nature and gastronomy. Spain is the country with the most olive hectares in the world. Oleotourism is one of the best ways to get to know oil’s new culture and in that sense, LA ORGANIC will offer the opportunity to learn and discover:

  • Tour of the olive groves in its 3 plantation frameworks: Traditional, Intensive and Superintensive.
  • The harvesting of olive trees (from November to December)
  • The properties of extra virgin olive oil
  • The production process of organic olive oil inside a beautiful “almazara” (olive mill)
  • Oil quality: what olive oils are (refined ones), what virgin olive oils are and about the extra virgin variety (pressed olives)
  • Partake an oil-tasting and learn how to pair them gastronomically.


Oleotourism is a movement that is treading more and more strongly in regions such as Andalusia, surrounding the variety of tourist activities related to the production of olive oil, whose objective is to disseminate the main characteristics and processes of elaboration of this product. It is an alternative to traditional tourism, turning to rural, ecological or gastronomic settings.

Oleotourism can include guided tours accommodation with typical architecture within the olive grove, restoration, hiking, relaxation and shopping, or beauty treatments with this product. The development of the olive sector and the dissemination of the oil culture have been defined as one of its objectives, with a background of rural and ecological tourism.