LA Online Tasting

Naturally close

Get lost in a unique experience

Sometimes we find ourselves in the distance and we don’t have the opportunity to do something in person, but that doesn’t mean you can’t visit LA Organic.

That is why we have created a virtual experience, so that you feel as if you were walking the trails of the farm with the sun setting in the Serranía de Ronda. An activity that will conclude with an oil tasting, in which you will learn why LA Organic EVOOs are unique in the market.

In short, an experience for you to feel our farm as if it were your home.

Wherever you are.

LA experience

The first stop of our visit is a virtual tour of LA Organic Experience, where you will get to know us better and discover how we create unique moments around our oil elaboration, from cultivation to harvesting and production.

LA tasting

After the virtual tour, the next stop is a guided tasting with three LA Organic oils. In this tasting you learn to differentiate between a mild oil (or light) and an intense oil, better understanding their attributes, how the oils should be tasted and how to enjoy the personality of each of them. Tasting glasses are included.

What oils will you enjoy in the tasting?

LA Organic Crianza

LA Crianza is our most versatile variety, being the first organic extra virgin olive oil designed for use in restaurants. A smooth, flavoured and balanced oil, which has fruity nuances to the nose.
Its composition allows it to be the perfect dressing for salads and traditional stews, as well as its use by cooks who want to give an extra touch of flavour to their fried foods.

LA Organic - Crianza

LA Organic Casa de Familia

A luxurious oil of very limited production. This product has an intense aroma and flavour, which perfectly reflect LA Organic’s identity as producers of oil of the highest quality and purity. It is rich in antioxidants and polyphenols, ensuring a live, extraordinary and healthy oil.

LA Organic - Casa de Familia

LA Organic ORO

An ideal oil for gourmet consumers, it offers a complex blend of fruity aromas with intense freshness. It has notes of green tomato, apple, walnuts and aromas of wild flowers. It has a robust flavor with spicy nuances, which leave a unique flavor in the mouth. In addition, it has a distinctive container designed by Philippe Starck, being the first Spanish oil to use this format.

LA Organic - Oro

Price €45 per person + IVA (VAT) *(Shipping costs not included)

A unique experience, now at your home.