LA Organic


LA Organic Experience offers a guided tour of 45 minutes along the itinerary surrounded by nature, surprises and work of arts.

It is a perfect plan that ends with a tasting of LA Organic organic oils in which we will learn how to differentiate between a mild oil (blend 80% arbequina, picual and hojiblanca) and an intense one (100% Picudo) that received the award for the best organic oil in the world in 2015 and continue being each year in the top 5 in the world.

  • It is recommended to come with appropriate footwear for walking and the use of a cap or hat
  • Subject to a group forming with the minimum number of people for the experience
LA Organic Parking

A 3000m2 car park in which guests will find a photograph exhibition to enjoy

LA Organic Invernadero
Greenhouse / Invernadero

The itinerary itself begins with a visit to the Greenhouse, a 500 m2 greenhouse that includes different spaces and contains a handcrafted olive mill. Here you will watch a video on the history of olive oil and its production process.

LA Organic Huerto Ecológico

The visit continues with a splendid garden where seasonal food is grown, designed by Floren Domezain the ‘King of Vegetables’.

Viñedo Ecológico

Continuing with the organic crops, the visit advances towards a vineyard of 100% Pinot Noir grapes where you will discover the history of the production of wine in Ronda during Roman times.

LA Organic Jardín de Frutales

You then can walk through a garden of fruit trees where you will find all kinds of trees (orange, quince, peach, plum, lemon, apricot, apple and fig trees).

LA Organic Ermita

After the walk fruit tree walk, we will visit a small chapel from the late nineteenth century that has been recently renovated that belonged to a local doctor and upon his death, was donated by his widow, Doña Lola, to the religious order of the Salesians.


One of the most important points of the itinerary is the Variety Walk, where you can enjoy a stroll down a path surrounded by olive groves with up to 20 different varieties of olive tree from Spain, Greece, Portugal and other countries.

LA Organic La Carlota

At the end of the Variety Walk, you will arrive at the Plaza de la Carlota, with hundred-year-old olive trees wrapped in a carpet of rosemary and lavender: an explosion of sensations for sight and smell.

LA Organic Cata

The visit ends with a tasting of LA Organic oils in which the visitor will enjoy and learn about the benefits and differences between the different types of the star product of Mediterranean gastronomy.


Participate in the process of harvesting and harvesting the olives, as well as in the milling of the oil in the mill, and in the packaging, being able to personalise your own label. The aim is to teach the process of making organic olive oil, explaining the basics of organic farming.

The discovery of the history, the production process and the benefits of the king product of our gastronomy are some of the contents that you will be able to find in a totally experiential itinerary.

We aspire to become an iconic experience in Spain through the dissemination and experience of the production of oil, a key product in the Mediterranean diet.

Includes: Guided tour of approximately 45 minutes along the itinerary, olive harvesting activity and oil production in the mill, tasting of LA Organic organic oils and a bottle of your own organic oil.


At LA Organic we are launching the initiative of sponsoring an olive tree with the aim of collaborating with the environment. Moreover, if you decide to give it as a gift, not only will it be a unique present, but you will also be part of a social, supportive and sustainable initiative that values natural resources.

Choose your olive tree personally on our farm. Give it the name of your choice and we will place a plaque with its name on it so that you can come and visit it and you will receive a photograph.

Includes: A masterclass with our oleologist to learn all about organic olive oil, a tasting given by an expert, production of your own oil by participating in the process of elaboration (shaking, production and bottling), you will take home 6 litres of organic olive oil per year, special discounts in our Cortijo LA Organic.

LA Organic Parking

3000m2 en los que el visitante se encuentra con una exposición de fotografía en el propio parking de la finca.

LA Organic Invernadero
Greenhouse / Invernadero

El itinerario propiamente dicho, empieza con la visita al Greenhouse, un invernadero de 500 m2 que integra diferentes espacios (Sala de proyecciones, Sala de catas, Tienda, Restaurante, Almazara artesanal) y que contiene una almazara artesanal y donde se proyectará un vídeo sobre la historia del aceite de oliva y su proceso de elaboración.

LA Organic Huerto Ecológico
Huerto Ecológico

La visita continúa con un espléndido huerto donde se producen alimentos de temporada, diseñado por Floren Domezain el “Rey de las Verduras”.

Viñedo Ecológico
Viñedo ecológico

Siguiendo con los cultivos ecológicos, la visita avanza hacia un viñedo de variedad 100% Pinot Noir en el que podremos conocer la historia de la elaboración del vino en Ronda desde la época romana.

LA Organic Jardín de Frutales
Jardín de frutales

A continuación el visitante tiene la oportunidad de caminar por un jardín de frutales donde encontrará todo tipo de árboles (naranjos, membrillos, melocotoneros, ciruelos, limoneros, albaricoques, manzanos e higueras).

LA Organic Ermita
Ermita de doña Lola

Tras el paseo por los frutales, visitaremos una pequeña ermita de finales del siglo XIX reformada recientemente que perteneció a un médico de la zona y a su fallecimiento, fue donada por su viuda, Doña Lola, a la orden religiosa de los Salesianos.

Paseo de variedades

Uno de los puntos más importantes del itinerario es el Paseo de Variedades, donde podrás disfrutar recorriendo un camino rodeado de olivares con hasta 20 variedades diferentes de olivo procedentes de España, Grecia, Portugal y otros países.

LA Organic La Carlota
Plaza de la Carlota

Al finalizar el Paseo de Variedades, encontramos la Plaza de la Carlota, con olivos centenarios envueltos en una alfombra de romero y lavanda: una explosión de sensaciones para la vista y el olfato.

LA Organic Cata
Cata de aceite

La visita finaliza con una cata de aceites de LA Organic en el que el visitante disfrutará y aprenderá las bondades y diferencias entre los distintos tipos del producto rey de la gastronomía mediterránea.