LA Organic Oro Aceite de Oliva Virgen Extra
Intense varieties: Picudo.
Olive mill: Canoliva.
Location: Baena (Córdoba).
LA Organic Gold Extra Virgin Olive Oil
LA Oro is a limited edition extra virgin olive oil, comparable to a great vintage. The packaging has been exclusively created by Philippe Starck, giving a Spanish oil a ‘designer’ packaging for the first time ever.
LA Organic Original Extra Virgin Olive Oil LA Organic Original Extra Virgin Olive Oil smooth variety LA Organic Original Extra Virgin Olive Oil intense variety
Intense varieties: Arbequina, Picudo.
Delicate varieties: Picual, Hojiblanca, Arbequina.
Olive mill: Canoliva, Campos de Uleila, Cooperativa Cooepa, Cooperativa San Sebastián.
Location: Córdoba, Almería, Sevilla, Granada.
LA Organic Original Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Historically the first LA Organic olive oils to be marketed, the packaging of LA Original was created by Philippe Starck using the traditional cans, regarded as the best way of preserving olive oil’s freshness and colour. It could be compared to a vintage wine. The core product in the LA range, LA Original comes in two varieties:
LA Organic Original intense variety LA Organic Original smooth variety
LA Organic Cuisine
Varieties: Picudo, Hojiblanca, Picual, Arbequina.
Olive mill: Antonio Cano e Hijos.
Location: Baena (Córdoba).
LA Organic Cuisine Extra Virgin Olive Oil
The first organic extra virgin olive oil produced especially for use in restaurants. It could be compared with a magnificent crianza wine. For this oil a special packaging has been created with the professional kitchen in mind. It is also an exceptional oil for every day table use.
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LA Organic Vinegars
LA Organic Vinegars
The range of LA Organic products has recently been extended to include organic vinegars. Unlike the oils, our vinegars are not produced by LA Organic, but sourced on a quality basis from small producers in Spain. Our central objective is the same: to provide organic, sustainable food products that are non-perishable and of the highest quality.
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LA Organic Vinagres
LA Organic Monodosis

LA Organic, is the first company offering superior category organic extra virgin olive oil single dose bottles to airlines, luxury cruises and trains, hotels and restaurants. Moreover we produce organic vinaigrette, which includes organic extra virgin olive oil and organic Pedro Ximénez vinegar.

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Magnun Casa de Familia
Varieties: Lechina, Manzanilla, Picual, Hojiblanca, Arbequina, Pajarera y Verdial.
Location: La Amarilla – (Ronda- Andalucía).
Casa de Familia Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Produced from a coupage (blend) of the best olive varieties grown in the associated olive grove ¨La Amarilla¨, located in the Serranía of Ronda, at an altitude of 800 metres. These olive groves, which are not artificially irrigated or treated with pesticides, produce seven different varieties of olives on hundred-year old trees. This diverse range of olives, the collection of all the olives at the optimum moment, which are then ground in our own on-site mill means the production of an olive oil with particularly special characteristics, of an unique quality.
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