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I met Pedro Gomez de Baeza 25 years ago and between us a love story arose based on the same ethics and philosophy of life. One day he told me that Italy is unjustly considered as the largest seller of olive oil when in fact Spain is the greatest producer. This made me think and I decided that it would be a good idea to help place the best olive oil in the world where it belongs.
Philippe Starck- Magazine El Mundo – Cover Story- España
“And the product is good. LA Organic is an oil, or range of oils, produced organically from native Andalusian olive varieties. There is no denying the peerless quality of these organic,extravirgin,cold pressed, Spanish olive oils.Those I have tried are so rich and complex that they can be sniffed and tasted like a fine wine.“
Paul Richardson – The Times- England
LA Organic is good for your health and a good health is the best synonym of olive oil. LA Organic has used the strictest possible measures to obtain the best quality olive oil.
Ding Dawei. Diario El Pueblo-China

Our History

More than 200 years ago, at the country estate of La Amarilla, near Ronda (Andalucía), an order of nuns began producing olive oil from the fruit of century-old trees. The oil from these groves, situated just outside one of the most beautiful and emblematic cities of Andalucía and Spain, has always been famous locally for its exceptional quality.
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Discover the Best Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil at  Seatrade Cruise Global 2016
Seatrade Cruise Global, the cruise industry's premier global event, will bring together all facets of the international cruise business including cruise lines, suppliers, travel agents and partners for a week of ...
ICEX ¨Spanish Extra Virgin Olive Oil LA Organic Goes for Gold¨
ICEX ¨Spanish Extra Virgin Olive Oil LA Organic Goes for Gold¨
¨A historic country home in southern Spain surrounded by centuries-old olive groves. A starry night, the whisper of a breeze and the sound of laughter and cheerful banter cascading from brightly lit windows ...